Quadrant Biosciences is excited to share that Dr. Thomas Frazier II, PhD, will be joining our clinical advisory board.

Dr Frazier is currently a Professor of Psychology at John Carroll University one of the leading researchers in the field of autism. 

Dr. Frazier has been a prominent figure in the field of autism research for most of his career. Most recently, he served as Chief Science Officer for Autism Speaks, the largest autism advocacy organization in the United States. Previously, he was director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism, and was an assistant professor of pediatrics at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. 

He has also received the National Institutes of Health Career Development Award, which supported his multidisciplinary clinical research on the biological effects of autism-linked gene changes.


“We are thrilled and honored to have someone of Dr Frazier’s caliber join our clinical advisory board,” said Richard Uhlig, Founder and CEO of Quadrant Biosciences. “He is a highly respected researcher in the autism space, and will bring valuable insights and thought leadership to our company’s efforts. Dr. Frazier will be a great addition to our already exceptional advisory board.”

With over 15 years of autism research and over 120 peer-reviewed research papers to his credit, we are excited about Dr. Frazier bringing his considerable experience to our company to help guide and support the growing adoption of Clarifi ASD as a useful clinical tool to aid the diagnosis of autism.

“I am excited to join the clinical advisory board and work alongside such highly esteemed autism researchers and clinicians to further the implementation and adoption of Clarifi ASD as a useful diagnostic tool for clinicians,” said Dr Frazier.


“I believe that this new biological test can help facilitate earlier, more accurate autism diagnoses and ultimately help children access much needed early intervention services sooner.”


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