Clarifi Goes to Philadelphia

We were excited to be part of this year’s Family Medicine Experience in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia!

The conference is held by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) each year, and is their largest annual family medicine event. The days are spent attending large keynote speaker events, educational workshops, and of course, seeing what’s new at the exhibition hall. That’s where Clarifi comes in!

Our goal at the conference was to introduce the Clarifi autism saliva test to family physicians.  As we are getting ready to launch Clarifi commercially, we wanted to answer any questions physicians may have about Clarifi and understand how Clarifi would best fit into their practice.

We received fantastic feedback and great questions about Clarifi, most centering around confusion regarding the difference between an epigenetic test and existing genetic tests.

“Clarifi is the first of it’s kind test to help aid in the diagnosis of autism,” explained Kayla Wagner, VP of Product Management.

“It’s not a genetic test, it’s an epigenetic test that looks at non-coding RNA and microbiome content in the saliva that can accurately distinguish kids with autism from their peers who are experiencing developmental delays or who are typically developing.”

Getting children intervention services as soon as possible is the primary goal when diagnosing, and we believe Clarifi will help achieve that goal.  

Clarifi team at the AAFP
Clarifi exhibits at the AAFP conference

While it changes annually, the theme of this year’s Family Medicine Experience was “love your why.” Physicians and guests were encouraged to share why they do what they do- and to love it!

“When there’s a clinical suspicion of autism and red flags are present based on prior screenings, Clarifi will provide a molecular signature to help confirm that suspicion in children as early as 18 months of age.  Facilitating diagnosis in younger children maximizes the potential for interventions to improve abilities, outcomes and quality of life,” states Randall Carpenter, EVP of Clinical Development.

“That’s our why; early diagnosis means early intervention.”

Overall it was a great experience for us. We had conversations with hundreds of physicians who had such a passion for their patients and really wanted to understand how Clarifi could help them provide better care. We look forward to next year’s meeting!